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...stranger than you dreamnt it...

~A D Fan Community~
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Welcome to BLOOD_RELATION, a livejournal community for the Japanese Visual Kei band D! If you're a fan feel free to join and talk among fellow fans. Just a few rules.

1. NO FLAME WARS. These will be deleted and the flaming members removed. Please keep it friendly.
2. Try to keep all topics related to D. Don't go too off topic.
3. Keep advertisements for other communities to a minimum and please do not advertise RP communities.
4. Do not make requests in the community of video or music files. There are plenty of communities for files such as tonarimachi or jmusic_uploads.
5. If you post video/music/scans please keep the entry friends locked. Please put scans under an LJ-cut.
6. Please do not post fanfiction in the community. Keep fanart under an LJ-cut and make sure to clearly label it as fanart.
7. Sales posts are allowed, but please make sure you are selling something related to D. General Jrock/VK sales posts are more suited for communities such as garagesalejapan.

If you EVER have ANY problem in the community, with a member or anything please CONTACT me:
This way it will theoretically be dealt with in a timely manner, but I do work and sleep =(.

Other than that, enjoy!

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