the singer and the song (elya_chan) wrote in blood_relation,
the singer and the song

Music Japan+ Interview / Hello Nyasagi

Two things to share today:

First, MUSIC JAPAN+ has a new Handwritten Interview / Q&A with D on Genetic World - and we love MUSIC JAPAN+ because they have translations and contests! The drawings are just priceless... and as usual, some of their answers absolutely giggle-worthy. //_^

Second, a bit of cute silliness...

At the mall last week I spotted a Hello Kitty plushie in a leopard-print costume. My immediate thought was "Awwwww, it's Hello Kitty in an NYASAGI suit!" and of course had to buy it. #//_^# And, well, all it took was a few strategically placed bits of fabric and a felt rose left over from Valentine's day and now I have...

Hello Nyasagi

*huggles and squishes 'im* //_^♥♥

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